Moomba - VRChat Avatar

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Update 2/24/2022: 3.0 presets, remapped UV layouts, new blendshapes

Thanks for stopping by~

This is a custom Moomba avatar, based heavily on the moomba from Final Fantasy 8~! It's full body compatible as well~

The package may be a bit outdated but I hope people have fun with it~

-- Unity Shader --

The shader used for this model is Xiexe's Unity Shader, which you can get from the Source Code under Assets in the link provided. To install, simply extract the folder to your Unity Project Assets folder. Current version used is v3.0

-- VRCSDK NOT included! --

Please make sure the VRCSDK is installed in your project before unpacking the Unity package.

I want this!

Blender Files(3.0), FBX, Unity Package, PSD, Furry, VRChat, Moomba, Avatar

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Moomba - VRChat Avatar

19 ratings
I want this!