Gurem - VRChat Avatar

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Update 01/15/2024: Some meshes joined, UV maps slightly adjusted, Proto-visor is included with the main model bases <- due to this, Proto-visor model bases are no longer included

Thank you for stopping by~!

This is an avatar I made for VRChat, a species I call Gurem, pronounced like grr-em. They're a hybrid species based on my own protogen and the gremlin species from the game Spiral Knights.

There are 4 different eye types to choose from and blendshapes for customization, and its very own outfit! I really hope you enjoy using them~!

Also included are "face tracking" blendshapes, but they are untested and there is no pre-setup for them! Note: Proto-visor is not set up with these blendshapes.

-- Unity Shader --

The shader used for this model is Xiexe's Unity Shader, which you can get from the Source Code under Assets in the link provided. To install, simply extract the folder to your Unity Project Assets folder. Current version used is v3.0

-- VRCSDK NOT included! --

Please make sure the VRCSDK is installed in your project before unpacking the Unity package.

-- VRChat Avatar World --

If you'd like to try on the avatar in-game first, please visit my small avatar world~!:

-- Customization for Others --

If you wish to retexture or edit the model for others and be paid a commission for your work, please try to confirm that they have bought their own model package.

The same goes for looking for someone to edit your model for you, please try to make sure they have their own package to work from.

I want this!

Blender Files(3.0+), Unity Package, FBX Files, PSD Files, Furry, Vrchat, Avatar

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Gurem - VRChat Avatar

14 ratings
I want this!